Top Tips to keep your soil in top condition.

Some of the most amazing ways to keep your soil in top condition really don’t actually cost that much money and in this article we are going to go through all of those. It’s really good to work with the quality of your soil because it means that you’ll improve the quality of your garden overall and the wildlife that you attract with it. There are also some really cool bi-products of high quality soil and we’re going to look at those too. So let’s get started with the most important aspects of soil aggregate.

Digging your soil.

One of the most important aspects of keeping your soil in top condition is digging it. You need to keep the soil aerated and it needs to be turned over. If you turn your soil over regularly it’s extremely easy to incorporate compost and nutrients into the soil. The other great advantage of turning a soil over and digging it is that you’ll be able to have the soil drain easily as well as plant roots growing into that softer soil more comfortably.

Add compost and nutrients to your soil

After extensive growing and use of your soil it is really important to add nutrients back into the ground. Plants will sap the nutrients and quality of the soil so it’s an absolute must that you put some high-quality NPK back into the mix. Homemade compost from leftover food and waste materials such as grass are absolutely ideal to replenish the nutrients in the soil. This also leads back to point 1 of digging the soil, in that you need to fork this compost into the soil rigorously. It’s important to look and understand which nutrients are required for specific plants. Some plants will require a far higher Nitrogen or Potassium content and also it’s important to know at what stage is the plant will require what nutrients.

Rake your soil into a fine aggregate.

After carefully checking Garden Tool Box article on soil quality tips there’s only one real important aspect remaining in the care of your soil. That’s to ensure that you break your soil into a very fine aggregate. This will really help to aerate the soil far more and your plants or really thank you for it. If the soil is really fine and fluffy means that the plant roots will be able to grow through easily. This will promote quick and healthy growth in your plants. One of the most important points of any growing is the germination and early stages of a plant. If they can get a great start from high quality soil then you’re halfway there already.

Another great tip to improve the quality of your soil is to add mulch. By adding mulch you can actually keep the surface of the moisture retained much more easily. This is because where the mulch is placed it results in evaporation occurring far more slowly. It creates a dark and damp environment and keeps moisture where plants really needed. This is really important to promote earthworms and of course we all know the benefits of earthworms for your soil quality. The other great thing about mulch is that eventually it will decay down and become high quality soil too.

in summary the most important aspect of keeping a soil in tip top condition is digging. Whilst digging isn’t the easiest thing, it certainly is good exercise and it’s really great for your plants as well as the wildlife in your garden so it’s absolutely unavoidable. One way to break this tedious task up is to just tackle it’s 10 to 15 minutes at a time. If you break the job up and do something else in between it won’t be so physically exhausting and it also won’t becomes quite as boring and tedious.

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