Recycling Infrastructure

Aggregate Reprocessing

In order to produce a quality aggregate product it is important to identify the appropriate production processes and equipment required. This section will help you to identify these processes and equipment. You can either search for processes based on the feedstock material you want to recycle, or by the type of product you want to produce.

  • If you search by feedstock, then the appropriate products you can produce from the feedstock will be displayed.
  • If you search by product, the appropriate feedstocks for this process will be displayed.

An overview of a simple recycling process, for clean and consistent quality feedstocks, along with a potential site layout, is presented on completion of the search. By selecting the process or site layout diagram you can:

  • Find out more information related to this process
  • Look at a more complex process, which can deal with feedstocks of varying quality
  • Link to information on the pieces of equipment

Aggregate Recycling Equipment

There is an expansive range of equipment types which can be utilised in an aggregate re-processing facility, depending on the feedstock being processed and the end product being produced. This section gives an introductory description of the most common types of equipment.

You can either search for:

  • Generic groupings of equipment, e.g. crushers, screens etc. or
  • Specific items of equipment, e.g. cone crusher, finger screens etc.

Equipment Suppliers

This equipment directory contains listings of suppliers of equipment used in aggregate recycling. You can search the directory based on types of equipment, or for specific pieces of equipment. The directory will provide you with a list of companies supplying the equipment, and names of the products they supply.

More than one company may supply a particular type of aggregate recycling equipment.

This Directory is updated yearly by AggRegain’s Maintenance team who contacts directly the companies listed and adds new suppliers.

The next update is due for November 2007.  Listed companies and suppliers wishing to be included can however contact AggRegain at any time for changing their details or have their details listed.

Environmental Impacts of Aggregate Recycling

Detailed information on regulations, sources and mitigation measures for the environmental impacts of:

  • Dust
  • Noise
  • Water Pollution and Land Contamination